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Your time is NOW!

First of all, kudos to you for temporarily shutting down your lash studio or home business. I know it wasn’t easy, especially with so much uncertainty. Will your business remain closed? Will you lose your clients? Are you going to have an enormous amount of debt after this? No one has the answers. It’s scary, there’s no doubt. 

One thing I’m certain of, is when Covid-19 is under control, and it is safe to open our doors, we are going to hustle our asses off to build our empire! And if you’re a true lover of lashing, you’re going to give it your all to come out of this on top. Rather than dwelling on what we don't have, we should focus on how fortunate we are to be Canadian, with a government that not only places an importance on economic stability and growth, but enforces a healthcare system that places priority on everyone, regardless of their age, health condition or socioeconomic status - It’s all for the greater good

Let’s look at our current circumstances as an opportunity to invest in ourselves. Our lives are always hectic, and no one has time to do anything. If you asked someone how they are doing two weeks ago, they would say “busy, life's busy, no time for anything”. How things have changed! We’re all in the same boat, so make the best out of it. Check for online courses that can help you develop your skills, or elevate your education in certain areas; perfecting your fans, refreshing on classic application, or maybe taking a next level course. If you use this time wisely to step up your game as a Lash Artist, once this is over, you’ll have so much more to offer your clients. And so much more to grow your business. 


Stay tuned for a new online course tomorrow! 

XO Dianna

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