Virtual Skill Building for Lash Extensions


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Virtual Skill Building for Lash Extensions

House of Glam is an award winning beauty studio that focuses on professional lash extensions, lash lift + tint, brows + sunless tan training, and aims to help each enrolee meet their full potential. The beauty industry is rapidly evolving, and we at House of Glam recognize the need for continuous research and development. In fact, our programs are all based on scientific and concrete information. 

House of Glam owners Dianna Dwyer and Kristie Lawlor decided to collaborate and join their two independent businesses to create House of Glam. They had a vision and a goal to create higher standards for the industry. As best friends for over 16 years, the two lash artists knew they would be more successful working together.

HofG’s love for creating beautiful hand-made fans continues to grow over the years. We are proud to be a professional studio that uses the wrapping technique and crystallizing method. We struggled with the idea of other lash artists using pre-made fans, especially since we’ve seen an extensive amount of damage from them. However, many pro-made (crystallized fans) can be safe if applied properly. Our skilled trainers have extensive knowledge and experience in various lash treatments and truly enjoy teaching students. It’s extremely fulfilling and satisfying knowing you are providing meaningful and relevant training. It’s so exciting to watch your students turn their work into art.

House of Glam offers Virtual Skill Building through conducting a needs assessment. VSB is completely customizable based on what YOU, the student what to improve on and areas where we see room for improvement.

Here is how it works: 
1.Purchase the course
2.Complete the sections: Student Information and Needs Assessment. The Needs Assessment will ask you 100+ questions in short answer format. Submit your answers.
3.Based on your answers the Needs Assessor will give you Specific Objectives to meet during your 60 minute video recording. You will also receive direction for different camera angles and focus points. 
4. You will record your video based on Specific Objectives and submit it. 
5. Needs Assessor will analyze and evaluate your video in extreme detail. 
6. Needs Assessor will complete a written and verbal Action Plan that identifies the problem and provides corrective actions. 
 Identify the problem or need in the form of a gap analysis + set objectives. Student will
7.Students + Needs Assessor will schedule a google meet session to discuss and clarify the report.
8. We LOVE seeing students progress. Send us picture of your progress so we can repost them on our website + social media platforms! <3

100% of student show improvements on the first set after VSB. This course price won't last long! Enrol TODAY! 

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