Tips for Looking Younger - It's all in your eyes!


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Tips for Looking Younger - It's all in your eyes!

1. Under eye bags and dark circles can make you look much older than you are. What you decide to put into your body can also be reflected in your appearance. I am sure your momma always told you to eat your green vegetables and there’s many good reasons why! . Spinach is high in iron and can do wonders for reversing dark circles.

2. When it comes to wearing makeup up it can be tricky. If it isn’t done right you could end up looking like your mom's younger sister rather than her daughter. Always use a primer on your lids to prevent powder from sticking in areas it isn’t supposed to, such as crows feet. Yuck, I know. Toss the dark black eyeliner because its only closing your eyes. Stop plucking those brows, it’s 2020 and fullness adds to a youthful appearance! It’s also a great idea to pay attention to how long you’ve had your makeup open- throw away old mascara and stop using old under eye concealer!

3. Hello H20! Drink the recommended Health Canada daily amount of water for your body weight. Dehydration can cause more wrinkles, cracks and dry skin. Keeping your body hydrated inside also helps your appearance. It seems simple, but it can be difficult to remember to drink. Try purchasing the new and improved water bottles that beep to help remind you!

4. If you don’t already have an under eye moisturizer you need to run out and grab one now! I mean it! Retinol and vitamin E should certainly be a part of your night time routine. Taking the time to take care of your skin, which is your largest organ, is extremely important all the time!

5. Last but not least GET AN EYE TREATMENT to wake those bad boys up! Whether you have dark eyes or light, almond shaped or closed, sensitive eyes or not, find a lash artist to customize an eye treatment that is best for YOU! Life gets busy. We do our best when we feel our best, so whatever that is for you make sure you invest in yourself.

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