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Tis' the topic of conversation in the lash world - SO LETS ADDRESS IT! 

As a professional lash artist I struggled immensely with the idea of lash artists using volume lashes they did not create themselves.

Why? Because in all my years of training and experience I've witnessed first hand the awful damage they cause. The extra adhesive, chunky stems being too thick, wrong application, extreme weight.... I guess, most importantly, I recognized the major difference between Professional Volume vs the use of even the safest premade fans, and even then found a huge difference. 

When you've provided professional lash services for years, you recognize the difference and it's hard not to dislike premade work. However, the reality is: lash lovers will use them. 

As leaders in the industry we want to help you: 

How do you know what brands to pick? what lashes are safer than the others? how to apply them? what to look for? How do you know you are not doing something damaging to your lovely clients? 

Over the last 15 months we've worked with various industry leaders to discuss our concerns surrounding the use of premade lashes and we've agreed on one thing: there is a demand for premium quality premade lashes. 

Trust me, I understand how difficult it can be to make your own volume fans. Some people get it and some people don't. That's okay. Don't be hard on yourself because it takes time and practice

In the event you decide to purchase PREMADE/PROMADE LASHES please take these tips and consider them before purchasing: 

- Look for a company that does not offer products that exceed the weight of a natural lash 

- Ensure the stem is thin or equal to the natural lash of your client (refer to our conversion chart) 

- Use lashes that are crystallized, not heat bonded or excess adhesive. Crystallized lashes have hardly any adhesive and are generally made using hypoallergenic adhesive to minimize irritation. 

- Apply the fan under the natural lash rather than on top of it. It isn't going to wrap and the chances of it popping off are more likely when they are placed on the top of the NL.

- The majority of premade/promade fans collect adhesive on the top and therefore it causes lashes to stick together and pull out natural lashes prematurely 

- Use a sealant. A sealant such as superbonder or accelerator can help the fan stay on the NL longer. ALWAYS USE SEALANT! Try out our Diamond Adhesive! 

Love your HofG family! <3 


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