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MOMS -Covid 19

Mommy friends: 

Have you been balancing coffee and wine; throwing in some water from time to time? 

Have you spent your morning energetic, full of ideas, making crafts and building a snowman, only to hide away in the shower for a damn moment of silence? 

I’ve cried at times, laughed my ass off, felt angry and lost. I’ve become extremely interested in economics, and awoken my desire to help with mental health - at the same time, reflected on my degree in public health. 

I know our future is uncertain. And that’s scary. As a mom, I want to give my children meaningful experiences; I place a significant importance on education, and the life I want to give them is currently at a stand still. 

Mommas, rest assured that we are all this together; the entire world. And I know the time I have with my children, right now, is incredibly valuable. Now is the time where we get to reflect on what’s most important in life. 

I encourage you to find time for yourself, set up a routine with the kids, be creative and childlike, Facetime your friends, read books and get outside when you can. 

Tomorrow is never promised; all we have is now! Look at everything that happens as an opportunity and your mindset will change.

You’ve been fortunate enough to give life to a human(s) and that’s a miracle. So even the hard days, the tears, the feeling of being lost; focus on the fact that you’re a mother, and an incredible one at that!

We have this!

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