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MEET our Global Educator + Virtual Trainer

Dianna Dwyer is a certified lash artist and co-owner of House of Glam, Newfoundland’s first full service lash studio with its own product line and training program. She is from St. John’s, where she currently resides; however, she has also lived and studied in Nova Scotia, where she completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Public Health as well as a Diploma in Health and Human Sciences. Her numerous certifications include WHMIS, Leadership for Safety Excellence, Communicable Disease Control, and Eye & Lash Health 360. As an undergrad student, Dianna managed full-time course loads while also caring for her young son, Brody. This instilled in her a strong work ethic and also a desire to pass on what she learned to others regarding time management, setting goals, and striving for professionalism.


Education, particularly as it pertains to the lash industry, is one of Dianna’s main passions. She has worked with chemists, optometrists, and lawyers to develop her comprehensive lash training program for House of Glam. This has helped her with important industry issues such as eye health, lawsuits, product development, and more. She is strongly committed to bringing regulations to the lash industry in Newfoundland that she has seen work so well in other Canadian provinces. Newfoundland is currently highly underregulated, and as a result the industry is seeing challenges with consistency regarding quality and safety. Dianna feels that regulations will greatly improve the image of the lash industry in the province and clients’ confidence about service and health. She has consulted with the Nova Scotia Cosmetology Association to get advice for regulations in Newfoundland. She also has had meetings with the Chair of the Newfoundland Optometry Association to discuss how the industry could be made safer in the province.


Dianna’s concentration on these challenging regulation goals has sometimes caused her friction with other lash studios that may consider a tightly-regulated industry to be more of a hassle than a help. She puts these issues aside to focus on the greater good of this industry and where it needs to be in relation to what’s happening across the country. She sees deficiencies in the quality of lash instruction as well as practice, therefore, her goal with House of Glam is to set an example of professionalism by which the industry in the province can follow. Being a leader in a growing industry such as lash artistry is a role that Dianna continues to embrace as she sees her hard work paying off in both her business and in the industry in general.

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