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Kirsten Schoenberg is a lash artist and Digital Marketing Manager for House of Glam. Her clients know her as the “master of classic lashes.” She is from St. John’s, Newfoundland, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Memorial University.

Her education in this regard has been a valuable asset for the business side of this growing lash studio. She is Google-certified in digital marketing and analytics. Kirsten is the client/customer’s first point of contact via social media and email. She is also responsible for House of Glam’s online presence with regard to social media and their website.

She manages the image of the studio through posts, stories, and photographs, all of which foster the unique brand of the studio. In addition to lashing, she also has a passion for makeup and possesses a wealth of information in this regard.

Thus, her clients often receive, in addition to her perfectionist approach to lashing, extra tips and tricks regarding makeup applications and beauty products. When she’s not busy with her clients and behind-the-scenes work, Kirsten enjoys spending time with her dog Bodie and binging awful TV shows.

Kirsten is a huge asset to House of Glam's Team! She is dependable, conscientious and 100% devoted to the growth + success of HofG. 

kirsten.houseofglam [INSTAGRAM]


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