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TIME! Yes! With time, you'll gain more experience and knowledge, lashing will get easier and your speed will pick up. No doubt, you'll become successful in TIME but without proper education and quality training, you'll be WASTING your time.
If you or someone you know are interested in taking a course in the beauty industry, consider these points:
- the cosmetic industry is booming. If you are looking for a career change or interested in expanding your service menu, now is the time! Regardless of the current state of the economy, or even consumers' bank accounts, people still find the time and finances to invest in beauty products and services. It’s the world we live in. Lookin’ good, feels good.
- do NOT purchase a course on impulse. Take your time researching different course options, compare curriculum, check reviews, read about the company and the person you are choosing to purchase from. Sleep on it. Think about it again. Give yourself some time before clicking the “purchase” button.
- the outcome of a beauty service strongly depends on the quality of the products used and the beauty professionals skills. Without accurate and reliable product theory WITH individual based training it will take you much longer to get to where you want to be.
Ex: Steff takes a classic lash course with company A for $600. She ends up with poor quality products and basic theory that's found all over the internet - but she gets a certificate. It takes Steff 3 years before she’s actually making money.
Mark takes a classic lash course with company B for $1200 (double the price of company A). He receives a stacked kit with double the solution and higher quality performing products, he works through the extensive theory on his own, spends time practicing intentional activities, communicates with the trainer throughout the course, submits activities, completes examination, asks questions and prepares for the practical. *Practicals are hands on and SKILL BASED. Without it, you only get so far* Mark is observed, analyzed, evaluated and provided feedback. Now he knows what to work on and how to improve. Mark is making 50 000+ in his first year.
- As mentioned above, skill based training requires observation, analysis, evaluation and feedback. Nothing less. If you are taking the time and finances to invest in a course, then the company should be there for you. Communicate and ask questions - expect answers.
- Something so simple is often not considered but people worth training from are worth paying the price tag. No experienced professional gives away their knowledge for free. They are worth something and so are you! Get to know the trainer. Ensure the companies values align with yours. Good trainers take pride in their work and students work!
Wish you all the best! You can comment on the post or DM if you have any questions! Xx

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