Growing Your Lashing Business Through Social Media Marketing


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Growing Your Lashing Business Through Social Media Marketing

The topic that I am going to write about is correctly using social media to grow your lash business online. There are a lot of do’s and don’ts, I wanted to see what tips I could find that would be beneficial for me and my colleagues to be sure we take the necessary steps on social media to become successful.

The lash industry is a very visually driven industry, like most of the beauty industry is. Basically, that means that you could grow your lash business online with amazing photos of your work. The utmost important marketing tool would be the photos of your artwork, you need to be sure they are unique eye-catching photos with amazing light. The biggest mistake most lash artist’s make is taking their photo’s with very poor lighting. An amazing ring light not only can you use while applying lashes but also take stunning before and after photos for social media marketing.

Barely anyone gets a service in the beauty industry without them researching you and your work before ever considering making an appointment. If you cannot inspire them at a first glance you will lose them to someone that catches their attention.

Always make sure that potential clients can see all your great work, also have multiple avenues on your website, Instagram, Facebook or any other social media
platforms for people to easily get in touch with you, through email, a contact form, online booking, phone number or direct message.

Always brand yourself to your own personality, follow a colour scheme in order to make your lashing aesthetically pleasing, making your photo’s flow from post to post. Always be consistent, with angles or styles of your post’s making your followers always recognize your work. Always post photos of your greatest work being sure to thoroughly include details such as classic, volume or mixed, what curls, lengths and diameters, full set or fill. This gives potential clients a taste of your work, talent and style.

In conclusion, social media is a form of advertising but cheap because it is free. Social media reaches so many people, so fast, with such a broad audience. Social media is the quickest form of advertising, and super easy to navigate. Social media saves time and is free.


-- House of Glam student


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