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Getting to know your client

You want your client to fall in love with their lashes but first you must get to know what style is best for them! What style you think will look great on them may not be what they like on themselves. Ask your clients a series of questions to truly understand what look they want to achieve. Also give them your advice based on your education, experience, and their natural lashes.

Questions to ask your client 

  1. Do you like a really curled lash or a more natural curl? - Explain the different curls available
  2. Are you getting lashes for a special occasion or everyday look? - Maybe they want something more dramatic for an occasion.
  3. Do you normally wear strip lashes and/or eye makeup? - If they do ask for details on the look.
  4. What style/shape would you like? - Most clients won't know what the difference is between a doll eye or cat eye etc. Explain the difference and help them choose.
  5. Have you looked at my social media? - Looking at pictures of your work together before they close their eyes is a fantastic way to understand what they like! 

Taking a few minutes to go through these questions will help ensure client satisfaction!!

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