Don't Sweat, GLOW!


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Don't Sweat, GLOW!

Our Glow Drying + Finishing Powder is a lightweight and easy-to-use powder that targets high-sweat areas and absorbs moisture. This luxe formulation will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, smelling fabulous, and will protect your sunless tan while it is processing. 

Main Points: - protects your sunless tan while it is processing pre-rinse

  • Great for at-home use
  • Gets rid of the unwanted sticky feeling that comes with self-tanning
  • Smells amazing
  • Doubles as a dry shampoo
  • Comes in both a shimmer and matte formulation

Directions: Apply in desired areas using a long-haired brush. Concentrate on high-sweat areas such as underarms, under the breasts, and any other areas where skin-on-skin contact occurs.

This Glow Powder is not only for Sunless Tan Artists - it's great for anyone to use at home that likes to use any sort of self-tanner! Paired with our Powder Applicator Brush, this is the perfect last step to any self-tan routine!

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