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Contraindications & Complications

There are certain considerations one must take into account when performing any type of service on someone and understand the necessary precautions needed to succeed and perfect the job at hand. When it refers to lash artists/technicians they should be very acknowledged with not only the parts and different shapes of the eye but the different diseases and infections that can arise within that area. We should have the capability to inform our clients of the risks and dangers involved with any service requested by the individual, especially one whom has an eye condition. You may even need to turn clients away if they insist on getting a procedure that you know will cause more harm than good! This means being very educated on diseases and infections such as Cysts, Pink Eye, Contacts in the Eyes, Blepharitis and MANY more. The issues with performing a service on the following four contraindications are:



Chalazion is a type of cyst that forms on an individual's eyelid. It resembles a lump or swelling (maybe even both) that contains trapped oils, due to this it usually causes mild pain and irritation. Within your eyelids there are oil glands that run vertically on each lid, the gland empties through orifices that are just behind your row of eyelashes. Therefore when oil glands are blocked it is extremely important to seek the advice of an ophthalmologist (eye doctor). Even if you are unsure that you have chalazion and you’re just suspecting one is developing you should get a professional opinion because if you decide to wait or get a lash service of any kind performed you are putting your eyelashes and vision at RISK!! In the early/acute stages of chalazion the eyelid can be infected or the blocked gland causing your chalazion may have an infection that needs antibiotic treatment prescribed by your eye doctor. It is a likely occurrence for individuals to have some irritation during the perming solution of a lash service because the solution opens up your hair follicles allowing you to manipulate the shape of the hair. If you are already expressing irritation due to a chalazion this can make your condition extremely painful, not to mention make your infection/irritation worse than when you began. When wearing any makeup or using other cosmetic products that are applied around your eyes (eyelash services) when you have a history of/are developing a chalazion you are more prone to have an allergic reaction triggering eyelid inflammation. If not treated properly or as soon as possible it can result in potential eyelash loss due to scarring in the hair follicles, making your eyelashes grow incorrectly, and this can even lead to extensive scarring preventing eyelash growth. This eyelid inflammation can also cause pink eye/chronic pink eye. An untreated eye infection can cause PERMANENT EYE DAMAGE AND VISION LOSS!!!


Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis is often referred to as pink eye. It can be caused by many different situations such as an allergic reaction, a foreign substance, a viral or bacterial infection within the eye. It is important to understand the severity of pink eye as they are known to be highly contagious. As an eyelash artist/technician you would be at great risk for catching this infection since we are looking and working very closely with the eyes and lashes of those who come to us. In some cases conjunctivitis can result in swelling, watery eyes, green or yellow pus near your eye, even a burning sensation which may lead to possible antibiotic treatment or eye drops prescribed by your doctor. As a professional in the cosmetology field you need to be educated enough to inform your clientele when it is unsafe for them to receive a lash service as it would make their circumstance more dangerous and you’d also be equally at risk of potentially obtaining an infection from them, then possibly passing it along to other clients throughout the day. It is also very common for individuals to have a bad reaction to a lash service of any kind whether it be lash lifts and tints to eyelash extensions just from bacteria that arises from the service. When you add an eye contraindication it’s higher risk for increasing the eye infection resulting in a worse pink eye and styles. The best form of treatment for this infection is to keep things away from your eye that includes wearing contact lenses, wearing mascara, having any solutions/chemicals around your eyes. Whenever you have pink eyes it is also well advertised to avoid touching your eyes at all costs as it can make your infection incredibly worse and cause you more discomfort. Having a lash procedure done when you have any eye condition would be highly inappropriate as the lash technician would be causing their client to have a greater displeasure. The individual's eyes would become more irritated, their eyes would become increasingly more watery, possibly more pus would form leaving for a greater infection, you may even experience possible tenderness. Any lash service should NOT feel this way you should feel so comfortable you fall asleep, if you don’t something isn’t right. If not treated, pink eye can cause inflammation in the cornea affecting your vision.


Contacts in Eyes

You should NEVER wear contacts during lash services. It doesn’t matter what you’re getting done, it is very dangerous to leave them in during the process it takes to complete the performance requested by the customer. It is recommended when you buy contact lenses to not sleep with them in your eyes as you can easily create infections from the lack of oxygen and hydration your eyes need to fight a bacterial or microbial invasion. This relates to having lash lift and tints as well as eyelash extensions because during your service your eyes are shut for an extended period of time. You should be able to actually sleep as the process is very smooth and joyful. You shouldn’t have any discomfort or painful irritation. By wearing your contacts/not informing your lash technician you have them in, you are putting yourself and your lash specialist in a compromising position. Some individuals may have mild reactions to certain solutions used during a lash process which is totally normal. For instance if a client has no eye condition/infection and during the procedure experiences mild irritation it’s likely from the perming solution, due to hair follicles being opened for the hair shape to be manipulated. If the lash artist is unaware or proceeds with the service knowing the client is wearing a contact lens it can cause great harm for the individual in the chair. As mentioned before there is a lack of oxygen and hydration getting to the eye but you are also using chemical solutions which could result badly with your contact lens if they come in contact with one another. Most forget contact lenses are made from plastic so if the solution being used to perm your eyelashes or glue your extensions splashes in your eye, even the smallest bit, it could result in possible fumes getting trapped underneath your contact lens increasing sensitivity and irritability. If the lens has experienced a chemical attack it may start to deteriorate. Chemicals could get trapped under the lens against the cornea, causing further damage. You may feel possible inflammation, watery or dry eyes, redness causing extreme discomfort. As a lash technician you should inform your client about all this information. They can wear their contact lenses normally AFTER the service has been completed... NOT during.



This contraindication is an inflammation along the edges of both eyelids affecting the eyes commonly known as blepharitis. This occurs when tiny oil glands near the base of your eyelashes become clogged causing you to experience possible irritation and redness. Some other side effects often include a watery, gritty, burning, or stinging sensation within the eyes. Eyelids may appear greasy and become swollen, itchiness can arise. You may accumulate flaking of skin around your eyes causing crusty eyelashes then your eyelid may start sticking. It is likely to have increased sensitivity to light as well as blurred vision. Having this condition makes it extremely easy for your eyelashes to fall out and grow abnormally (misdirected eyelashes) or lose color. It is possible for some individuals to have bad reactions to solutions or glues used within a lash service. With a lash lift and tint the lash lifts can cause chemical-induced blepharitis during the perming solution. If you proceed with getting eyelash extensions it will become increasingly more difficult to get rid of blepharitis symptoms with the extensions on. When you get this infection there is no cure for it, however you can take the necessary precautions to help control the symptoms you are experiencing. It is highly recommended to avoid using cosmetics such as eyeliner, mascara, and other makeup or products around your eyes. Due to this it is highly unsafe to perform a lash service of any kind on an individual with this infection as you can add to your clients suffering by making the situations worse and it can lead to more eyelash damage.


Lash Artists/Technicians should have a clear understanding and recognition of these eye conditions and many more as it is vital to our client's health and in some situations our own. For Instance if you have an eye infection that requires antibiotics or any strong medications eyelash extensions will not last due to the mediation in your system. Lash Technicians need to have an understanding that if lashes are weak and thin it is vital to improve the eyelash thickness. The House of Glam Studio recommends using the "lash growth enhancement" and "ILASH Rehab" products to help enhance your client's eyes and keep their lashes growing strong, healthy, and vibrant. They then recommend reviewing your clients eyelashes after TWO months. The more educated you become, the better it is for your client's health, your business and your reputation. Majority of the client’s within your clientele will appreciate the honesty and level of education you’ve acquired over a period of time to help educate them on the risks and disadvantages of getting and in some cases proceeding with a lash service. The possibly of losing a few clients during this stage is inevitable but, one day they’ll look back and thank you for doing what you knew was the best decision on their behalf, even when they couldn’t see it at the time. Just remember to remain professional, calm, and respectful then give your wonderful clients all the information you’ve learned about their eye condition and the extra harm a procedure can inflict upon them.


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URLS Used the House of Glam Course Notes as well as the websites listed below for each topic;


Pink Eye:

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